Global Slavery – Representation & Redress

Global Interactions First Annual Event 2015

PARTICIPANTS | Global Slavery and the Exhibitionary Impulse

In alphabetical order:

Jean Allain | Professor of Law, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK

Ana Lucia Araujo | Professor of History, Howard University, USA

Markus Balkenhol | Postdoc in Ethnology, Meertens Institute, Netherlands

Richard Benjamin | Head of the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool, UK

Nancy Bercaw | Curator, National Museum of African American History and Culture

Anthony Bogues | Asa Messer Professor of Humanities and Critical Theory and Director for the Center for Slavery and Justice, Brown University, USA

Artwell Cain | Scholar and Founder of Institute for Cultural Heritage and Knowledge, Netherlands

Anna-Karina Caudevilla | Head of International Relations Development, Shackles of Memory (Nantes), France

Karwan Fatah-Black | Lecturer in History and International Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands

Bertrand Guillet | Director of Château des ducs de Bretagne, Nantes, France

Manon van der Heijden | Professor of Comparative Urban History, Leiden University, Netherlands

Anette Hofmann | Senior Researcher, Archive and Public Culture Research Initiative, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Dienke Hondius | Associate Professor of Contemporary History/Assistant Professor of Modern History, Vrije University Amsterdam, Netherlands

Guno Jones | Lecturer in SIT Study Abroad Amsterdam

Nancy Jouwe | Researcher, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, Netherlands

Wayne Modest | Director, Research Center for Material Culture, Netherlands

Agnes Lugo-Ortiz | Associate Professor, Latin American Literature, University of Chicago, USA

Damian Pargas | Lecturer in History, Leiden University, Netherlands

Peter Pels | Professor in the Anthropology of Africa, Leiden Univerisity, Netherlands

Petra Sijpesteijn | Professor of Arabic Language and Culture, Leiden University, Netherlands

Eveline Sint Nicolaas (Curator of History, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)

Sanjukta Sunderason | Lecturer in Modern South Asian Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands

Alex van Stiprian | Professor of Caribbean History, Erasmus University, Netherlands

Dirk J. Tang | Author and Curator, Netherlands

Paul Tichmann | Curator Social History, Ikiko Museums of South Africa (Slave Lodge), South Africa

Annemarie De Wildt | Curator, Amsterdam Museum, Netherlands


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